Food: Instant Pot – Bacon Wrapped Apple Maple Chicken

Hi everyone!  First and foremost- thank you for stopping by.  I am floored by the number of visitors I have had to my little blog.  As of this moment, 4:40 PM on Thursday, Feb 1, 2017- I have had a total of 3,372 unique visitors and 4,332 views!  YOU GUYS!  My first post was on […]

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Food: Instant Pot | Stove | Slowcooker – Award Winning Chili

Sometimes, when you have a recipe, you switch it up and try new ways of doing it. Well, when it ain’t broke don’t fix it, am I right?  My Bubbins, (aka hubby) would certainly agree with that statement.  But, me on the other hand, I like to test the waters- take a chance- live on the […]

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Food: Instant Pot- Grab’em in the “Sausage and Gravy” Biscuits

Click here for the PDF version: IP – Sausage and Gravy Biscuits No no no… I know, the first thing you thought of when you read that title was our President.  Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not what/whom inspired my line. I’m about to date myself a bit, but whatever.  I’m 36 and fabulous. The […]

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