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Busy and busy “being not busy”

Hello friends.  First and foremost- I'm sorry.  I haven't posted in months and it's ridiculous. I have been so busy and busy "being not busy lately" that I haven't had time to post something. Busy being "not busy"? What does that mean? Well, it means that there were a few moments that I wasn't busy-… Continue reading Busy and busy “being not busy”

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Inspirational Quote: Fear

There are so many things in life we miss out on because of FEAR. Fear of the unknown.  Fear of failure.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of _________. Life is made up of risks.  Do I go left or do I go right?  Up or down?  Should I stay or should I go? It's when we… Continue reading Inspirational Quote: Fear

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Music: Playlists – Vol. 1 – Bye Jan Hi Feb

Last night, the Grammy's happened.  UGH.  Look, for those of you that know me personally, you know I am all about respecting the opinions of others even if they do not coincide with mine.  I do NOT condone when people feel the need to FORCE their opinions on others. That being said, I did not… Continue reading Music: Playlists – Vol. 1 – Bye Jan Hi Feb