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New Post. New Year. New Blog Direction and a NEW BABY- OH MY!

The past few months, I’ve been spinning tires with Mad Madam Mom. Just being honest.

I’ve being trying to decide where exactly I’m going to take this blog and how to avoid offending people. It’s sad that we live in that type of world. But- it’s time for me to be me- and not worry about offending people with my opinion. If you don’t like it- feel free to move along. It’s as simple as that. I will still love you.

Little Firecracker

As many of you that follow me on other social media, WE ARE PREGNANT! As of today, I am 13 weeks and 2 days! I am due on the 4th of July, which is so crazy- because Bubbins (that’s my husband for you newbs) and I are pretty patriotic.
Our Little Firecracker is the size of a baby duckling, a jalapeƱo, or a brownie. This pregnancy has been ROUGH to say the least. Up until last week, I was vomiting no less than 5 times a day- yeah- I’ll spare you any other details. It seems to be easing up and for that I am so grateful. In 2020 hindsight (hehe) I am so incredibly blessed. I wasn’t even supposed to be able to conceive due to my current battle with my thyroid and Grave’s Disease. So this Little Firecracker and Rainbow Baby- is a TRUE GIFT FROM GOD. My thyroid levels have leveled out- so again- #BLESSED.

That explains a bit of my flakiness from this blog- but I’m going to be real, as always- I will say “I’m back” then I disappear– for that I am sorry. My hubs and I have had so many convos on this- lol. I have to commit or quit. I’m committing!

So- here it goes: What do I write about? What drives me? What do I enjoy doing? What will people want to hear?

Well- if you know me personally- you know that I love politics. Yeah. I’m that girl. My heart bleeds for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE! (see why it’s ironic my baby is due on the 4th of July?)
I am fairly active in my local political scene and help run a few political social media pages on the side. Now, here is where I may lose some of you- I certainly hope not- but I understand that some of you may not agree with my views. That is totally ok. I am a proud Republican. The Republican Creed is stamped on my heart. I love having respectful dialogue (aka fact and logic) with my liberal friends. There is no way they will change my mind on things- but I like learning and seeing just where they are coming from on topics.
I live in Virginia. Where we are in a battle right now on the potential infringement of our 2A rights. I’ve been pretty vocal about this publicly- speaking at board meetings, gathering folks to rally, and writing letters to our representatives. So, it’s time to carry that over here. Again- I’m open to dialogue.

Why not just write about my experiences? That is what blogging and journaling is about anyway right!?

Another important path that has opened up for me this year is my FAITH. I have never felt closer to God. I do believe I wrote about this in another post- so I will not go too far in. While I have been pretty darn sick, I have still been able to listen to the streams of our amazing church- and have not veered from walking the best Christian path I can- learning to be a disciple.

After looking at all of this- I have my answer!

This blog will be not only being mom– but being a conservativebeing a Christian and getting closer to God- living life (movies, tv, and cool discoveries) and of course recipes as well as tips/tricks on making life easier.

I will not have all of the answers- so, I will bring on some guests to help through these things and teach me (us) their ways! If you’re interested or have tips/tricks to share- please feel free to contact me! You can comment below!

Who’s ready for 2020? I am.

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