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While I have been cooking in my Instant Pot since November of last year, I feel like such a noob.  When I say I’ve been cooking in my pot- I think I’ve used the stove just to boil things or to heat up stuff in the oven- OR to broil something I’ve cooked in my pot.  Like, seriously you guys, I LOVE my Instant Pot.  It hasn’t really moved off my stove top.  I also have 2 regular inserts and one nonstick insert.  I have the glass slow cooker lid and the silicone lid.  I also have the handy silicone mitts and the silicone pot holder/mat.  OBSESSED.  No, I haven’t put on a decal- BUT, since I make decals- I’m sure that’s in the future.

Most of the time I will combine a bunch of recipes and make them my own.  But lately, I have been experimenting with my own recipes.  Like from scratch.  Where I don’t have the little hand holding guidance that I get from the recipes of others.

I found myself last night scrambling to figure out cook times.  Luckily there are so many “Pot” heads out there that I was able to decipher from their lovely charts.  Thanks!


I’ve decided that I need to have these handy charts in one place.  Plus- it would be nice for me to share- because sharing is caring.  Below, you will find the links that I found to be most helpful when trying to figure out the cook times.



I hope this helps you all!




2 thoughts on “Food: Instant Pot / Pressure Cookers – Cook Times

    1. Thank you Carla!! I figured it’s easier to have a diverse set of charts because some have things the others don’t hehe!

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