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Music: Playlists – Vol. 1 – Bye Jan Hi Feb

Last night, the Grammy’s happened.  UGH.  Look, for those of you that know me personally, you know I am all about respecting the opinions of others even if they do not coincide with mine.  I do NOT condone when people feel the need to FORCE their opinions on others.

That being said, I did not watch the Grammy’s.  Why?  Because I feel that many of the artists/celebrities are hypocrites.  They tout that they want “change” and act humble- but have you read some of their riders!?  No?  Here you go.

Now- don’t get it twisted.  Music is where we can express ourselves and allow others to feel our joy, pain, or sorrow.  But not every single celebrity needs to make a state of the union address.  The short snippet I saw of Kesha’s performance had me like “Yaaasss”.  The passion and the love that came from her was amazing.  I also applaud Logic’s very eloquent and powerful speech (you guys I have no idea who he is).  I was certainly glad to see the people that lost their lives in Las Vegas were honored.
Whatever happened to that- where’s the footage and explanation of what happened?

I am just tired of everything turning political.  But it’s the day in age we live in I guess. My point is- can we just have the music, movies, and arts back, please?  Can I just get some jams so that I can escape for a few minutes here and there?


I digress.

I don’t know about you guys, but music always gets me out of the funk that I sometimes find myself in.  Lately, I haven’t been listening to music- maybe that explains some of my funk.  The other part is being a mom and not having the time to shower- but that’s a whole different kind of funk altogether.  😉


I LOVE LOVE LOVE music.  Today, while getting some chores done around the house (I still have so much s%#! to do) I put on my bluetooth headphones and grooved y’all.  Don’t worry, Julia was napping and I had the motion sensor to detect her movement in case she needed me and I couldn’t hear her. 

It felt good.  It was like a little escape.

On my playlist, I have songs that address some of the feelings I have towards some “mean girls” in my life; songs that take me back to my middle and high school days- I had good ones; songs that reminded me of dating my hubby!  To top it off- they are mostly songs you can move to!

You guys, I even ran a mile on the treadmill, I was just so motivated!  Hahaha!  I will NOT share what I ran and the time on it.  (UGH- ok – 1 mile in 12 minutes) Gross.  What happened?  Haha.  Oh, wait… I know you guys… I incubated a human for 9 months and I’ve been chasing her around for 2 years!

Seriously you guys, I thought I was going to throw up while running.  Then the song “I’m an Albatraoz” came on.  It kicked me into gear.  I would not give up- I was hitting that mile marker.  Pent-up frustration I guess?

You wanna know a secret.  I think it helped my mood.  Made me a little happier.  If you read my post on the “I don’t wanna”… maybe I proved myself wrong.  Maybe working out does release those endorphins, serotonin and all the other happy chemicals people need in their heads.

Here’s my playlist.  I will try to make a new one each month to keep up the motivation and to give me (and maybe you) something to run/work out to. OMG.  Did I just say I was going to work out?  UGH.  I don’t wanna, but you know what… I gotta.

Many of the songs on this playlist are throwbacks- but it is keeping my theme of giving me the music back.  Enjoy you guys.



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