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Food: Instant Pot- Grab’em in the “Sausage and Gravy” Biscuits

Click here for the PDF version: IP – Sausage and Gravy Biscuits


No no no…

I know, the first thing you thought of when you read that title was our President.  Sorry to disappoint, but that’s not what/whom inspired my line.

I’m about to date myself a bit, but whatever.  I’m 36 and fabulous.


The line “I’m the one that said, just grab’em in the biscuits” comes from one of my favorite groups: Digital Underground.   That’s right.  The Humpty Dance. Many of you probably don’t know that this guy, Shock G, produced Tupac’s “I Get Around”.

Never heard of them you say?  Psssh, what rock were you lying under in the 90’s.

I kid, of course.


Ok. Back to cooking.

This recipe is YUMMY.  Seriously.  I don’t think I could ever get my sausage and gravy the way I wanted.  But the other night- BOOM.  No, the pressure cooker didn’t explode- but I finally made gravy that I LOVED.  It was perfection and so damn easy too!

Here’s another kicker, when I served it, my kitchen didn’t look like a hot mess, so I was actually able to enjoy it!  No ma’am, there were no lingering thoughts in my head of “Damn it, I don’t wanna go in there!”

Many of you will say “But Kimmy, you could easily just make this on the stove top”
Mmmm I disagree.  For me, it’s not as easy and it’s not as clean either, as mentioned above.  Usually when I would make sausage and gravy- flour would be everywhere from me adding more and more to the mix.  There would be drops and dribbles of milk.  I’d mess up the roux.  Nope.  Not anymore.  None for me thanks, I’m driving.

There are moments while cooking up this deliciously delicious ambrosia of the southern Gods- to clean- or whatever you wish.  For me, those moments are precious-  I’ve included them in the recipe- hopefully to save you from the after dinner clean up!

Here it goes ya’ll.  (You simply cannot make gravy without saying ya’ll)

Sausage and Gravy with Biscuits
Here’s what you will need:

  • Instant Pot
  • Microwave (or oven- or neither- more on that)
  • 4-6 pieces of Bacon (OR you can save time by buying precooked bacon or REAL bacon bits)
  • 2lbs of ground sausage (I used Jimmy Deans original)
  • 1 cup of chicken stock (if you made the Buffalo Wings/Drumsticks you should have some left- if you have some left from this and haven’t made the drumsticks… well you know)
  • 6 cups of milk (I used whole milk)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tube of Grands Southern Biscuits (OR you can save time and buy them premade- BoJangles biscuits are delicious… just sayin)
  • Salt, black pepper to taste

Ok YA’LL, there are many ways to start out.  You can cook your bacon in the oven or stovetop, you can buy precooked bacon, OR you can dice up your bacon and toss it in your instant pot with the sausage (probably faster- but not crunchy).

Lastly, you can just follow my lead.  Microwave.  I’m all about fast.  Ha!

Hold on to your biscuits- because here we go!

I went with 5 slices of bacon.  I have a microwave bacon dish that drains the fat.  If you don’t have one, get one, but for now- you can put down a paper towel on a plate (cover it too).  If you’ve never cooked bacon in the microwave- I follow the rule of 1 minute per piece- so I did 5 1/2 minutes for good measure.  For those cooking in the oven or stove- you do you booboo.
Ok.  Here we are gonna move a little fast- if you’re not first you’re last.  Turn your instant pot on to sauté.
Throw in your sausage.  It will take a little while to brown.  Don’t fret just let it do it’s thing, but be sure flip it and mix it so there’s no sticking!
YUM your bacon should be done!  Let it cool a bit before you put a piece in your mouth.  Let’s be real.  I actually took a little bit of the grease and sprinkled it on my sausage.  That sound’s so dirty, ha!  Totally unhealthy- but come on now.  Keep flipping that sausage so it browns properly.
Take a break from working that sausage.  Dice up your bacon.  I went this route rather than putting it in my Instant Pot with the sausage because I want it to be crunchy and flavorful.
Your sausage should be just about brown.  Keep going!
Ah.  Perfect.  It’s ok if there is a tinge here and there of pink as we will be putting this handsome hunk (chunks) of meat under pressure!
Toss in that bacon!
Mix it all up!  Yum yum yum and yum.
So, if you made the Buffalo Chicken with me last time, you should have some leftover chicken stock.  I actually saved the chicken stock that I used when we cooked the drumsticks (so it had just a hint of Frank’s but nothing crazy).  Pour that cup of chicken stock in with the meat and mix a little!  (I know I know- I had never thought of using chicken stock in sausage and gravy either- genius)
Put the lid on your pot and lock it.  Set to high pressure for 5 minutes.  Remember- it takes a bit for it to get to the right temp for pressure.
Make sure your little knob is set to seal.  I always seem to forget that part.
Preheat your oven to 350.  (you could’ve done this already but this is where we are in my forgetful nature).
While the oven is preheating and the Instant Pot is cooking.  Put your biscuits on a cookie sheet or baking pan.  Hehe.  Biscuits.
Measure out your flour and milk.
Add them together in a mixing bowl.
Pop your biscuits in the oven!   About 14 mins for Grands in my oven. Don’t you dare judge my dirty oven!  I cleaned it after I saw this pic!  Don’t judge me!
Mix up your flour and milk.  Try to get all those lumps out.
Now that you’ve mixed up your flour, your meat is still cooking and your biscuits are baking.  Here are those precious moments that you get.  Do some clean up!  Get all those things you are finished using and put them away!  Yaaasss.  Trust me- you will thank me later.  One thing I hate is being nice and full ready to plop on the couch next to my Bubbins (aka Steve) but then walk into the kitchen to a hot mess.  I snuck in a few snuggles with my Tinky (Julia).
Once you’ve bibbity boppity boo’ed your kitchen clean- it should be time to release the pressure on your sausage/broth/bacon combo.
Pour your flour and milk mixture in.
Put your pot on sauté again.
Toss in your salt and pepper.  I added about a teaspoon and half of pepper and a half teaspoon of salt.  You can always add more later.  But wait, “why is hers tinged orangey?”  Remember- I reused the broth from my Buffalo Wings (Drumsticks).  I didn’t really taste the hot sauce in the end FYI.
Give it a good mix.  Another chance to get those lumps out.
Look at that golden tan on your biscuits!  Hehe. Set them to the side.
You’ll want to keep stirring your gravy.  It took a few minutes for it to really thicken up for me so don’t fret if it’s runny at first.  Just keep going.  I kept stirring so that nothing stuck to the bottom.
Get your biscuits plated y’all.  My Bubbins is a big eater so he wanted 3.  I have no idea where it goes.
Load up your gravy!  You can sprinkle some extra pepper on top if you wish.
This was my plate.  Hot damn! I was doing the “Humpty Dance” when I took the first bite.

That’s it!  This made A LOT of gravy!  We had enough left overs for two more meals.  I really hope you guys enjoy this, because we sure did!  For two days and I wasn’t mad about it.

I don’t think I’ve had gravy this delicious before- sorry dad- this totally beats yours.

**Re-heating tip- add just a little bit of milk when you reheat.  It will get it back to smooth so that when you heat it up it’s not clumpy.  And now you know…

***thank you to Carlee Parke Hawkins for the recipe.


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