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Here it is.  Another blog that I start- let’s see if I can keep it going.

I’m writing to you, quickly, as I have a few moments from my day to dawdle.  Can you believe it?

Julia, my amazingly wonderfully fabulous two-year-old, is napping- but I feel that might be short-lived.  Steve, my sexy devilish red headed hubby, is at work.

I’ve grown tired of facebook, twitter, Instagram- although I will still use them- I think I’d rather spend my time and energy documenting my world.  I mean, come on, it’s much better than hearing about DTJ tweeting about rockets and bombs, and certainly better than reading about another Pussy Hat parade.

So here it is.  I will write about being a mommy, food (um instant pot), music, thoughts, and travel!

Also- I’m no English major- so just read past the grammatical errors por favor!

Thanks for being nosey and diving into my world.  Enjoy.

Surround yourself with people that have dreams, ambitions and desires; they’ll help you push for, and realize your own.

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